About Us

Not that long ago, podcasting was the domain of anyone with a working knowledge of Garage Band, and had the unique ability to rocket people well outside the media bubble to success. As the industry has become increasingly professionalized in recent years, we've all enjoyed some amazing shows, but it's also become more difficult for indies to break through. The 30-odd networks that currently exist dominate the charts and tend to be fairly similar both in terms of leadership, business model, and the stories they tell. Though most networks are making a solid effort to diversify their lineups, we believe that a lack of diversity at a leadership level leads to inevitable blind spots.

That’s where we come in. Critical Frequency was founded by two womenboth journalists—including a woman of color. We aim to provide a bit of both the “old” DIY, independent form of podcasting and the new, professionalized approach, by combining professional radio production skills with a mission focused specifically on providing a platform to underrepresented groups and industry access to those without it.



  • Distribute/monetize existing podcasts
  • Provide additional editorial and production support for newer podcasters
  • Help conceive, produce, and launch original shows for aspiring podcasters, including (especially!) those with no previous audio experience
  • Any or all of the above for partners, brands and organizations looking to create great podcasts.

Want to pitch us your podcast or idea? Hire us to make your podcast? Get help introducing your podcast to the world? Hit us up!