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Drilled investigates fossil fuel propaganda.

Season 1 traced the corporate-funded creation and spread of climate denial, including interviews with former Exxon scientists, primary source documents, and an in-depth look at the history of fossil fuel-funded influence campaigns.


Season 2 : Hot Water follows a group of West Coast crab fisherman who are experiencing first-hand the devastating impacts of climate change. And this unlikely group of climate activists just became the first industry to sue big oil.  

Season 3 : The Mad Men of Climate Denial digs into the history of fossil fuel propaganda and the few "Mad Men of climate denial" who shaped it. Coming January 2020.  

Season 4 : There Will Be Fraud follows the fossil fuel industry's efforts to use the COVID-19 pandemic to push through its wishlist of deregulation and subsidies.

Season 5 : La Lucha En La Jungla   looks at the decades long battle between indigenous groups in the Ecuadorian Amazon and Chevron.


The podcast is independently reported by climate journalist Amy Westervelt.


“The best, most important podcast out there right now.” -The Guardian






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