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In each season, The Fifty One takes a different national issue and explores what it looks like for women at the local level. Season One was produced in partnership with Civil Eats and is focused on food access, and includes stories from local reporters across the country.


Hosted by journalist Amy Westervelt, Tell Me About Your Mother features interviews with writers, actresses, comedians, and non-public folks talking about what they learned from their moms—good and bad—and connecting those personal stories to broader social and cultural shifts for women. 

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Created by Julia Ritchey and Amy Westervelt, and currently hosted by Amy and a revolving cast of NPR journalist co-host, Range tells the quirky tales of the American West, from the cowboy poets to the Tesla fanboys and everything in between. 


Hosted by journalist and frequent Snap Judgement contributor Amy Roost, Fury interviews American women about the rage they're feeling these days, and how they're channeling it into building a new version of their country. 


The Whisper Network 

Coming soon! Dr. Nikita Hamilton takes us behind the scenes in Hollywood, delving into the labor markets and power structures of Hollywood, how you make it into the writer's room, what the "agency track" is, and the various forces that created the #MeToo moment. 


Profiles of women who break boundaries and take names. Hosted by journalists Brittany Shoot and Amy Westervelt, Bearcat is a podcast for serious, NFA women. Recent episodes have included Arlene Blum, the first woman to mount an all-women ascent of Everest, among many other accomplishments; Masako Ishii-Kuntz, a fatherhood researcher in Japan who trains many of that country's home-ec teachers in a sort of guerilla effort to subvert traditional gender norms; and Rita Collins, purveyor of the country's first mobile bookstore. 


Hosted by Sarah Kendzior and Andrea Chalupa, Gaslit Nation slows down the frenetic news cycle to bring listeners deep and insightful analysis, grounded in history and research.